‘Collective time-whittling’

I came across this article written by AA Gill.  It’s extremely thought-provoking and paints a vivid picture of the way we allow ourselves to grow old in the UK.


A lack of respect, dignity and care  for  ‘old people’ and for ‘growing old’.   You  may need a fairly strong stomach to read it, so be warned.

“This man also has diabetes, and depression, and an ulcer on his leg that won’t heal.  He’s had it for years.  They think the best cure is to cut off the limb.  He doesn’t use it much anyway. ”

“It is estimated that a quarter of all nursing homes fall below care guidelines, which are themselves set disgustingly close to the earth.  If you walk up the steps of an old people’s home, holding the rail to steady yourself through the swinging doors into the little reception area with its pot plants and notice boards pinned with safety warnings and activity sheets, be under no illusion.  If you ever leave, it will be in an ambulance or a hearse.”


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