Norfolk County Council has a strange care plan

Strange headlines indeed from the world of care, highlighted  by  Adult Care Blog

The controversial one mentioned – Council-owned company could make cash from care homes – made me think of the recent Joint Consultation on NHS Continuing Healthcare for Adults that NHS Norfolk and NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney had planned for February to May 2010.  It  scared  many people, especially those caring at home for their severely disabled relatives in receipt of fully-funded NHS Continuing Healthcare.  The plan was to force into residential care anyone whose ‘package of care’ might cost more than 20% above the cost of a registered nursing home placement providing an equivalent care package. Public outrage, local protest groups emerged.  Voices were raised loud and clear – enough for the consultation process to be suspended in early March, but with a plan to recommence it later this year.

The Federation of Disabled People spoke, as did the Norfolk Coalition for Disabled People.    The Consultation ceased to exist.

A radical shake-up is planned by the Council now, with the possible closure of all those care homes – because they are not considered suitable!  Yet they were considered suitable by the NHS!  Or was the NHS plan to move people from their homes to the for-profit sector?  Hardly likely – care homes run by private care providers are rarely cost-effective, let alone care-effective.   Does NHS Norfolk ever talk to Norfolk County Council?  Seems not.


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