Nick Clegg, that’s not what I voted for ….

Dear Nick Clegg

I don’t remember voting to give any party the power to change the way we all choose to define ‘democracy’.  Nor do I remember giving my vote to anyone who said that s/he would be about to change the since-1832 basics of our country.  I may have done so if your ambitions had been declared beforehand, before the General Election … but they were not defined in the way that you are now defining them. And so many of your priorities then … such as care, elderly care, dementia care, and so on … have not been mentioned since your personal elevation!  Or was your caring care for the elderly, caring about dementia all just another football on the pitch of power?

This all certainly didn’t feature in any of your cosy pre-election debates, and I can’t remember it all featuring in your pre-coalition-agreement-proposals.   Pig in a poke?  That’s the way it seems to me.

So I’m not convinced yet that you did not have a pre-arranged ‘agenda’, a hidden-from-the-electorate agenda, when you entered into this marriage of convenience.

Yours sincerely

One Very Disappointed Voter

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