A link to a genuinely caring support forum that I came across recently.

It’s called “Chill4UsCarers”  with Carers/Caregivers at the forefront, all struggling to shift our system of care into the 21st Century.

When you delve deeper into the message board, soon to host a live webchat with Norman Lamb MP on 18 June 2010, it really shows how so many people are doing their very best to support their relatives in need of care in the UK.

It sometimes feels as if you are grasping, breathless almost, and clasping at feeble straws, trying to improve the care that is made available to people in need of such care.  Then suddenly you can be uplifted, by finding such caring people, all doing their own personal ‘ utmost’.

It leaves me wondering whether the fatcats really do care.  If only the fatcats in the world of care providers could show even one iota as much as we strugglers care, then we could genuinely change the Face of Care in the UK.


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