Health bosses under fire over ‘wastage claims’

…. and there was I, wondering whether Care UK would have been gracious enough to refund the money it failed to earn!  Foolish fool!

“Under the new seven-year contract – worth £204.2m and negotiated and signed by the Department of Health – the region’s 10 health trusts paid for each operation that Care UK performed each month. But at the end of the year they were given a bill for underperformance and made to pay for the rest of their “quota” of treatment.”

“The Wigan PCT today said it had anticipated a slow start to the scheme.

And chief executive Peter Rowe added: “The CATS service is a new innovative service, providing an outpatient/assessment service, offering patients shorter waiting times within a community setting.

“As with any new service this understandably takes time to establish itself within the local health economy. GP and patient engagement is ongoing and as awareness grows we are seeing increased referrals into the service in line with planned volumes.”

In that case, Mr Rowe, don’t agree to 7 year, and certainly not 25 year contracts.  Test the temperature of the water and the content of the water before you dive into the pool!  Otherwise you may find a shark beneath the surface.


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