Care UK in splendour – vulnerable elderly residents in treacle

Click below to see that Care UK resides in splendour:

£350,000 pounds of tuppeny rice for Care UK, half a pound of treacle for the vulnerable elderly in need of care

This is where the money goes –

Who surprised the weasel????


Update 2000 hrs 7 July 2010: sorry, folks, but it would seem that the Case Study for Care UK has suddenly – after a flurry of activity – been deleted from the website I linked to earlier – but the basic idea remains the same.

Splendour in the office for Care UK staff  v. treacle in the care home for vulnerable elderly people with dementia residing in Care UK residential ‘care’ homes.

Update 2: 0900 hrs 8 July 2010: and the promo video that I linked to here and here has also been deleted, ‘removed by the user’.  Thank goodness!

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