NHS Unlimited? Who runs our GP services?

Perfect timing from the NHS Support Federation, with the arrival of the report:  NHS Unlimited? Who runs our GP services? – a study of GP services put out to tender by the NHS

The report “highlights a new breed of companies providing GP services that have grown out of the market-based NHS. The study found 23 commercial companies that have multiple contracts and run between them a total of 227 GP surgeries and health centres. Unlike traditional GPs, these companies have a business focus, operate in several areas and are enjoying rapid expansion. Many of them are described as ‘GP-led’ and are therefore not perceived as commercial. The Federation predicts that as more GP contracts are put out to tender these and other profit-making companies will continue to gain more control over NHS services.

“The NHS Support Federation is an independent organisation that works to promote a comprehensive NHS, with equitable access and active public involvement. Our supporters and affiliated organisations are drawn equally from the health profession and the general public.”

Everyone who cares about the quality of care in the UK should thank the NHS Support Federation for allowing doors to be opened.  Let debate commence.


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