Coalition plans for the NHS

A few comments on the Lib-Dem-Con plans for the NHS~:

from Liberal Conspiracy concerned about the dismantling of the NHS – me too!

from askcliff concerned about Andrew Lansley’s possible hidden agenda – no, Cliff Hagen, I don’t think you are scaremongering;

and, yes, How very odd, Mr Lansley – from Tax Research UK.

David Cameron is apparently terrified, as a parent, by the lack of good state schools, especially in Westminster –  well, David, why not try the Pimlico Academy – courtesy of John and Caroline Nash, of course, c/o Care UK again.  Wait a minute?  Wasn’t Westminster the scene of Shirley Porter’s creations of a suit of clothes to suit the Tories?  Yes, course it was!!!  That turned out to resemble the Emperor’s New Clothes …. unfit for viewing by the uninvited, but eventually all was revealed.  What a thought!!!

Nick Clegg, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m disappointed.

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