Hospital put dying dementia sufferer in storage cupboard “for being too noisy”

The treatment of Dora Duggan, 81-year old terminally ill dementia sufferer is unforgiveable, despicable, inexcusable abuse  – and criminal.



Which of them cares enough

…. to make sure we demolish the system of neglect currently masquerading under the umbrella of ‘care’, allowed to  kill and to inflict pain and suffering on vulnerable elderly people in need of  CARE.

If any single one of them really cared, then by now there would be in place a system of genuine care, ensuring quality of care.

Dora Duggan was a mother, grandmother to 15, great-grandmother to 7.  And above all else, a decent elderly person who was vulnerable and who deserved better care.  She was also terminally ill and in need of care and comfort in her dying days.

The full article is here for anyone to read, and it quotes Jenny Leggott, deputy chief executive and director of nursing at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospital in question, as having said : ‘We are deeply sorry and apologise unreservedly to Mrs Duggan’s family for the shortcomings with the care provided.

‘We have investigated the concerns raised and have assured the family that we will do everything possible to avoid future occurrences of the difficulties they brought to our attention.’

I am prepared to raise my hand – or both hands and both legs if need be – and to say that I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase “lessons will be learned”, or “we will do everything possible to avoid future occurrences of the difficulties they brought to out attention”, or even the one that came my way “we will do everything we can to make sure this never happens again”.

They are meaningless words.  They are just that – words.  The actions required to prevent these crimes happening again and again and again never seem to follow the words.

Without action, the words will forever remain meaningless.

We now need action.

And remember, tomorrow that vulnerable elderly person in need of care may just be you.


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