The time has come ….. e’en though I’m no walrus!!!

I’ve ben fairly restrained thus far in my adulterated vitriol …. which otherwise would have been sent hurling and spitting towards those so-called support services that came my way over the last few years.

The last few years, that is,  of my own life when I forded the shallow waters between an otherwise normal life and the abnormal life across the shallow water of someone needing care and support.  The indescribable chasm ‘twixt the normal world of most of us and the abnormal world of dementia.     So different are those two ‘worlds’ that I cannot even begin to find the words to talk about it all.   Yet.   
But I am hoping to find a way, a route map, the Ordinance Survey Map, if you will, of my own personal walkings through the world of dementia and dementia-care.


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Filed under care, dementia care, growing older, justice

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