UK government confirms forest sell-off plans

They just don’t care, do they?  Frankly, my dears, the LibDemCon Coalition just don’t give a damn.

The Guardian reports : Plans to sell off as much as 150,000 hectares of forest and woodland in England in the biggest sale of public land for nearly 60 years were today confirmed by the government in a letter sent to all MPs.

“[Our] intention is to fundamentally reform the public forestry estate, with diminishing public ownership and a greater role for private and civil society partners,” said a statement on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website.”

Before long, they will have sold off the air we breathe.   A charge will be imposed on any small society members  brave enough to open their own front door and walk outside the confines of their own four walls.  Big Brother will be watching, rubbing his Big Society hands with glee, as he and his Big Society buddies tot up their latest financial gains.  Is this progress?  Forward to the past?

Feudalism – The obligations and relations between lord, vassal and fief form the basis of feudalism.

Peasants & Serfs – The daily life of a serf was hard.  The Medieval serfs did not receive their land as a free gift; for the use of it they owed certain duties to their master.

The Peasants Revolt of 1381
In 1381, and under the leadership of heroes such as Wat Tyler and Jack Straw, the peasants marched to London in order to present a petition to the king. 60,000 strong, the petitioned called for the abolition of serfdom, tithes and the game laws as well as the right to freely use the forests. The peasants also demanded that the poll tax be abolished. John Ball, a priest who spoke regularly to the people gathered in the marketplace, expressed the sentiments of the revolt. The rallying cry of the peasants was a rhyme which spread dissension across the South of England:

“When Adam Delved and Eve Span
Who was then the Gentleman

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