Iain Duncan Smith and the benefits system overhaul

Iain Duncan Smith said  here on this BBC report ” ….. thus making work pay more than being in benefits …. “.  At least  I think that’s what I heard IDS say.

Suggestions to IDS:

1.  Show us your Job Creation plan first, so that we can perhaps understand where the ‘work’ is.

2. Then make pay work more than being in/on benefits.

3.  Recreate the apprenticeships that served many people so well.  There’s not much point in this strange ‘work experience’ you’re thinking up unless there’s more than a basic element of sensible training, leading to …. … … a job!

It’s the rate of pay that’s not working.

Look closely at the minimum wage – and tell us all whether you, IDS,  could survive, comfortably, on that minimum hourly rate of pay.  How many strikes would it take for you to chuck in your ‘over-the-minimum wage’ for the  job that you no doubt are doing so enormously well?  When were you last required to survive, uncomfortably, on the minimum hourly wage for a job?  Never?  Thought so.

Where is the work?  Where are the jobs?  Where is the training for those jobs?

Vacuous talk at present.

And chubby David Cameron’s putting on a lot of weight at the moment – so he must be living well.

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One response to “Iain Duncan Smith and the benefits system overhaul

  1. I quite agree, Care in the UK. The average salary in the UK is about £25,000 (higher in London). If a person on that average wage is put out of work by the coalition’s policies – public sector be warned here – it is almost inevitable that what jobs are available will pay a lot less than that (otherwise they would have been snapped up ages ago).

    Can someone on £25k afford to take, say, even an £8k drop in salary? Unlikely. And there will be a fair few jobs paying a lot less. But don’t anyone dare turn down these underpaid jobs, because our uncaring government will remove your apparently over-generous benefit.

    Yes, Cameron does appear to be living well, as the rich often do when the less well-off are struggling. But I do expect Cleggeron to start shedding the pounds when it dawns on him that his party faces a local government wipe-out in six months’ time.


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