Care homes ‘closed’ for poor standards remain open

And then another story flashes before my eyes.  BBC News brings the chilling words that Care homes ‘closed’ for poor standards remain open.

Failing care homes which were officially closed down have been allowed to continue operating.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) claimed 93 homes and agencies were shut in the past year due to poor ratings.

But a BBC investigation has found a dozen were still open under the same ownership.

The CQC admitted errors, but said it was determined to clamp down on providers where there is a risk of neglect or abuse.

In some cases the regulator had allowed homes to close and then reopen on the same day, if the home applied to do so, which they can under the current rules. Damning reports about their past records were then removed from the CQC’s website, so potential residents and their relatives could no longer read them.

The ‘regulator’, the CQC, sanctions the removal from its own website of damning reports about the past failings of care homes, and then allows those same so-called care homes to continue to operate.  I  had little faith in the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI).  I tried to find something that would allow me to place my trust in the Care Quality Commission (CQC).    My loyalty, faith and trust in one particular Care Provider went out of the window long ago, in spite of the repeated assertions that came my way that our experience was not the ‘norm’ for that care provider. They’re all in this together, to borrow a phrase.

BBC programme this evening File on 4 at 2000 is unlikely to restore my faith in this world of care.  Care Homes: When An Inspector Calls.

For those who read Private Eye – have a look at No. 1275 – page 29 – CQC no evil – care home closures.  Read how the CQC squirmed (same Eye, page 15 Letters) when found out.  And then go back to Eye no. 1274.  Sorry, I can’t post a link to it because it’s pay-to-view only.  Thank you, Private Eye!

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