Southern Cross in the TV spotlight

A regional BBC TV Inside Out report into the sorry state of Southern Cross Healthcare.  It’s available for the next 6 days.

Chris Jackson investigates claims that a northern care home firm is failings its residents – and hears from families who feel badly let down by the treatment of their loved ones.

The best that Southern Cross can manage to say is ‘sorry’.

Eileen Chubb founded Compassion in Care in order to speak out about the abuse of residents living in care homes.  She’s beavering away – as are many others – trying to raise standards.  If only the CQC and local authorities and care providers could convince us that they are doing likewise.  If only they would listen to those of us who have experienced their failings.  If only the care providers would eradicate abuse in care homes.  It is an achievable goal – it can be done.  There are no excuses.

Then they wouldn’t need to use the word ‘sorry’ repeatedly.  One ‘sorry’ is one too many.

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