The Brick Wall of Care

I am beginning to wonder whether it is worthwhile bothering any more, bothering to care about the state of this sad UK world of so-called caring  care.

Is it worth banging your head again and again and again against the Brick Wall of Care that we seem to have lumbered ourselves with?  Just long enough to retain a skull capable of receiving and sending signals outside to the supposedly-caring world of caring care.

Who listens?

Who listens long enough to care?

Who cares long enough to listen?

Who cares?

What changes?

Who cares enough to change the oft rubbish system of care that seems to continue to replicate itself in our otherwise rich country.

The younger generation cares quite rightly about whether or not they will get a decent education; whether or not they will get a job and hopefully with a progressive path towards a future they can look forward to with a sense of achievement; whether or not they will have to be lumbered with massive debts before + during + after their further education, if they’re fortunate enough to be guided along the path of further education; whether or not they will be able to afford a bedsit in a grotty part of their own world, just as their own parents care and bother about whether or not they will ever be able to despatch their offspring to a future all of their own making.

I’m feeling depressed at present, about what I see as potentially disastrous changes that our Con Dem Gov may be imposing upon us all – without any hint of consent, without anyone ever having been asked to approve these drastic changes being made by  the Con Dem Government   which has landed on our world almost reminiscent of a Landing Craft from Outer Space.

The plans of Michael Gove scare me; those of Andrew Lansley scare me; those almost-invisible plans of Paul Burstow scare me … … well, need I go on?

Who asked me, when I voted in the last General Election, to give my permission for the demolition of everything that I ever believed in, and that my parents, grandparents and great grandparents genuinely believed in?  That caring society that we all believed would care for us, from cradle to grave, as long as we contributed according to our own means, according to our own physical and mental abilities, according to our ability to contribute by wealth, by health, by energy.  That’s what we all accepted and understood would be the caring society that  would be available to protect us all, according to our means and according to our willingness to accept the ‘terms of engagement’.

Who has broken that contract?

That was the contract we made, when we were all decently caring citizens, all willing to acknowledge the need for a contract, and all willing to accept the terms of that contract, in return for a guaranteed future.

Nobody asked permission.  David Cameron & Co never asked permission.  Nick Clegg & Co never asked either.

So how come we’ve now been lumbered with a changed contract, a broken contract, a contract that we never agreed to?

Or is it that we no longer care?  Do we no longer care about the sick, the elderly, the needy?

I hope not.   I sincerely hope that we still care about those who are not as able as others.  I would like us all to find a way to show our Con Dem Gov that we care.

I sincerely hope that our Con Dem Gov cares.



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2 responses to “The Brick Wall of Care

  1. No one seems to care that carers are scared, because of the unknown cuts. Scared of the future as well as scared for the future of the loved ones who they care for.
    It is bad enough being a carer without having these extra concerns to face every day, which we read in the papers or see on the TV.
    It is as you have said, we are hitting our heads against ‘a brick wall.’
    Do keep on, I enjoy reading your blog, and I do believe we will get through that wall.

    • careintheuk

      Thanks, Wendy – I wrote that on a bad day, one of many, but I get the feeling you know what I mean. We will make a difference one day, we will get there!

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