Care UK = Jack of all trades, or master of none?

It’s over you to make your own mind up, folks!  Based on your own experience, of course.

One day, Care UK is planning to expand its delivery of ‘specialist dementia care homes’ (not my words!) with plans to build 30 or more brand-spanking-new flagship care homes for vulnerable older people with dementia within the next year; then the next day it seems that Care UK has discovered another niche ‘market’ – at the other end of the age-spectrum.  You don’t need to trust me – just trust Gen News:

A marked national growth in acute, severe and enduring cases of eating disorders has prompted Care UK to expand its service offering with the acquisition of a renowned acute hospital that specialises in the treatment of children and adolescents suffering from anorexia, bulimia and similar conditions.

Care UK, which already runs two successful intensive rehabilitation units at Althea Park in Gloucestershire, has completed the purchase of the Rhodes Farm Clinic which operates from Mill Hill in London and was formerly owned and run by Dr Dee Dawson.

All things to all people!

Perhaps.  But only perhaps!


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