“Dignified Care?”

“The treatment of some older people in Welsh hospitals is “shamefully inadequate”. That is the message today (14 March 2011) from  Ruth Marks, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, as she publishes a major report into her review of the experiences of older people in hospital in Wales.

The Commissioner calls for ‘fundamental change’ to ensure that older people are always treated with dignity and respect when they are in hospital. She also reminds health organisations of the legal powers invested in the Older People’s Commissioner to effect necessary change.”

Ruth Marks’ short video should be compulsory viewing for all hospital staff, wherever they work.

The full report should be compulsory reading for all hospital staff, wherever they work.



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5 responses to ““Dignified Care?”

  1. leo

    having worked in the care sector for 18 years and having been a manager for the last 4 years, i have come across varied bad practise within many settings throughout my career. However, this report still reduced me to tears. Why oh why do healthcare professionals not know how to respect basic human rights??? if it was their own relative then undoubtedly they would be complaining.
    The report clearly outlines one of the main factors in any healthcare setting where good practice exists, and this is strong leadership. Unfortunately there aren’t many good leaders out there. To be a good leader you have to go above and beyond what is expected of you and you do this without being asked, it’s about accepting and enjoying the responsibility of being a leader and the responsibility for other peoples care and welfare.
    What i can never accept with reports and findings is that recommendations are made when clearly in some cases immediate action is required. There have been many times over the past few years, that in order to protect the welfare of a service user i have disciplined a member of staff, where this action has resulted in me having to work their shift. Action means action at whatever cost!!!

  2. careintheuk

    Thanks, Leo, for reminding why I’m still here: “Action means action at whatever cost!!!”

    The same message is one I always wanted to send to the CQC, where ‘recommendations’ and ‘suggestions’ and the occasional ‘requirements’ are just not good enough. Whenever I read Inspection Reports (not a hobby, but a necessity sometimes) and look at the timescale given to care homes for ‘recommendations’, ‘suggestions’ and even ‘requirements’ to be actioned, I want to scream out loud: Get on with !! NOW – not in three months time.

    • leo

      taking action is too time consuming and not cost effective. The area i live have a few care homes in arbritation with social services over fee structures. All of the homes involved have good reputations. A home that i am aware of which is not involved in the arbritation, has had many complaints made against it over past few months (safeguarding complaints) but it is also has one of the cheapest fees in the area. Even with the complaints being made, social services are still referring to the home. Well with budget cuts, budgets come before safety. And to take action will involve manpower in the form of frequent inspections, social work assessments for transfers, possibility of job losses in current economic climate, distress of service users having to be moved etc etc. Inaction is the more preferred option.

      • careintheuk

        “Inaction is the more preferred option.” Not my preferred option!
        Life is cheap, as far as some local authorities and care providers are concerned.

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