Statement from the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

A statement has been issued today by the CQC insisting that all potential care home residents must be screened, before admission, for any identifiable condition that might contribute adversely to the current spending cuts and financial deficit.  The statement, warns leadenly, reminds us and cites the reason for the statement: aching cells go, from bad to worse, so the cost of care will increase dramatically, while the standard of care required will in fact continue along a downward path.  This new screening (the screening ‘tool’ has yet to be published, but it is likely to require a full multi-disciplinary (MDT) assessment of eligibility for care home admission, plus the associated financial assessments, which may from tomorrow be even more stringent than have been applied thus far )  is to form part of the legally required pre-admission assessment from now on, so that both potential resident and care provider can be sure of providing the appropriate care, as outlined in the contract-to-care that each and every potential care home resident must receive.

Although the CQC doesn’t usually enter into direct comment on medical matters, it has also demanded that all care home residents must be enabled and supported to exercise extreme caution with certain herbal remedies that have been offered in recent months.  The experience of a diverse group of vulnerable older people across the country, with adrenals newly, flushed by a previously untried and untested formulation, was cited as the main reason for these latest warnings from the CQC.

The remedy on offer has not been approved by NICE, nor by any one of the bodies normally charged with supervision of health and/or social care, so it is important to read the instructions that should have been contained within the herbal packaging.  A further warning is that not all people have, in fact, received the full statement of purpose for this widely available concoction.  The instructions should give full indications of the likely contra-indications of this potion which may appear to be a balm, but may not be all that it claims to be.

The final advice from the CQC statement today is to notify that a  Safeguarding Alert has been issued to the residents of all care homes registered with the CQC to be cautious and extremely wary of random advice.  There is no time limit on this Safeguarding Alert from the Care Quality Commission, so it is for the future rather than just for a defined period.


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3 responses to “Statement from the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

  1. ‘all potential care home residents must be screened, before admission, for any identifiable condition that might contribute adversely to the current spending cuts and financial deficit.’

    Huh? I guess that’s why they get the big bucks.

    I am trying to think what condition that necessitates going into a care home wouldn’t contribute, and not in a good way, to fiscal situations coping before a £2-3500pm hit, borne by resident, next of kin and/or ratepayers.

    Meanwhile, my complaint with the Ombudsman stalled briefly when they said the were not able to investigate any further when it ‘appeared’ that I had not complained at all, much less to the labyrinthine demands of the CGC’s systems.

    A 5-page email citing every stage I adopted over a year ago, plus the CQC’s own staff’s replies, rather nipped that one in the bud, I hope.

    Though I have asked for the term ‘saved to our files’ to be clarified. It smacks of ‘attempted sideways shunt’ a bit too much.

  2. Despite the date (!), all this is – sadly – not beyond the realms of possibility. You might have given them a few ideas!
    Regards, Mike

  3. Maggie May

    Try as I might – I cannot find this statement – would you be kind enough to point the way?
    I know this is a common problem with the CQC – what’s here today is often gone tomorrow!

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