Is this a care home?

I was hunting around the CQC website for some info and, as always, finding it increasingly difficult to locate exactly the information required.  (Is it just me, or does anyone else find the CQC website one of the most user-unfriendly places?)

Anyway, I came across this Press Release dated 6 April 2011 about St George’s Park Care Centre in Telford. I’ve never heard of it, but I have a friend who lives in Telford, so I read further.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors who visited St George’s Park Centre in Telford, Shropshire, found that it was failing to meet 15 out of 16 essential standards.

Providers have a legal responsibility to make sure they are meeting all the essential standards of quality and safety.

Inspectors visited the home three times from December 2010 to January 2011 after concerns about the safety of people in the home triggered an unannounced review.

The compliance review outlines thirteen areas where inspectors had major concerns.

I read the full Review of Compliance report dated 24 January 2011.   It is a disgrace that this so-called care home is allowed to call itself a care home. 

The home is made up of two units, Rydal on the ground floor, which can accommodate a maximum of 31 older people who have dementia and nursing needs. Derwent unit is on the first floor and can accommodate a maximum of 40 older people requiring general nursing care.

It’s apparently owned and operated by a company called Modelfuture Limited – I’ve never heard of them either.  So a bit of trawling about reveals that it’s one of ailing Southern Cross Healthcare’s long list of subsidiaries mentioned here.

The Shropshire Star finds it shocking too.

I urge you to read the full Review of Compliance report – if you’ve got the stomach to do so – and decide whether 71 vulnerable older people should be subjected to such neglect, with some of them being charged upwards of £700 per week for that kind of abuse.

Is this the best we can do in this caring country?


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5 responses to “Is this a care home?

  1. cb

    It’s horrific. Why is this only in the local papers? It also makes you wonder about the ones that the CQC DOESN’T visit. Oh, and no, you’re not the only one. I find it horrifically un-user friendly too. I actually submitted feedback about that when I was at one of my most frustrated points.

    • careintheuk

      Why is it only in the local papers? cb, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself – so I’ve forwarded the story and the link to the CQC report to as many as my anger would allow!

  2. leo

    have you noticed that these reports only go on the CQC website 3-4 months after the inspectors visit?
    i know a home that if you go on the cqc website now, you will see a glowing report, yet in fact they now have a caution from cqc and are having frequent inspections. Yet the general public are not being made aware of this.
    to top it off social services inspectors are condoning the manager writing care plans without knowing the residents or consulting the residents, just so the paperwork looks good!! the care staff have no idea what half of the assessments mean as the manager is not communicating with them. But as this home is the cheapest in the area, social services need this home especially now there are budget cuts!! The inspectors are not even talking to the staff about their concerns, just hearing what they want to hear from the manager!!!
    Yet if the staff were to take these issues to the local press, which i believe is a duty to inform the public of current standards, then its automatic dismissal!!!!

  3. This is terrible, but I think it is important to remember that it is not the case everywhere. As a care worker, I would not tolerate those standards in a care home I was working in, and I hope people realise this story is an exception, rather than the norm.

    • careintheuk


      It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to tell you that these so-called standards of care are nothing unusual. You may not know that – but, trust me, they are not far from the norm.

      As a care worker you will most likely have no say whatsoever in the standards of care being made available to the residents in the care home where you work. I’m not suggesting for one moment that you personally aren’t prepared to provide a superb standard of care, but you are not responsible for the rest of the care provided in your care home (unless you are the Manager or the Care Home provider, of course), and you may well be totally unaware of any serious failings. Those serious failings are almost always kept concealed, behind closed doors – even from the families involved and directly caring for and about their relatives, placed into your care.

      You are not respected in your field of work – otherwise you would be required to be qualified, registered and accountable for the standards of care that you provide, and you would then also be paid more than a basic wage. You would be paid a living wage, with career prospects, so that you could then aspire to moving upwards in your caring profession.

      In fact, that should perhaps be a requirement now – the “Essential Standard” that that care providers and the CQC have not yet found a way to acknowledge. If you care enough to want a career in the world of care, your employer should also care enough about you to want to promote your interest, to nurture you and to make you worthy of caring about those who need and deserve care.

      I wish you well in your caring career in the world of caring for those in need of your caring care.

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