Care UK care home fails in duty of care

How very sad to read of yet another failure by yet another so-called care provider.  This time, it’s Care UK – yet again.

The Surrey Comet reports here :

The family of an elderly woman left with sores and badly dehydrated after neglect at a care home has been paid compensation.

Josephine Cunningham, from Worcester Park, was left with the injuries during a stay at Appleby House, an Epsom care home operated by Care UK, a leading independent provider of health and social care services.

Mrs Cunningham’s daughter, Janice, said: “I think this incident highlights the casual way the elderly are treated in some residential care homes.

“It is terrible my mother had to endure the pain of the pressure sores.”

I have to agree with you there, Janice.  How many daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, and other relatives have had to use similar words about the suffering of their own family members in so-called care?

Care UK’s spokeswoman said: ‘Care UK always endeavours to deliver the highest-possible standards of care for all our residents, but we have accepted that on this occasion we could have done more to ensure Mrs. Cunningham’s comfort.

“We have learned from the experience and made changes to our procedures.”‘

Comfort?  Learned from the experience?  Changes to procedures?  Those words are words you might expect to hear from a beginner in the world of care, but not from an organisation like Care UK, a leading independent provider of health and social care services.    Leading in what?  Leading, perhaps, in the world of after-thoughts, after-planning, after the horse has bolted.

Care UK should always do more than ‘endeavour’ to deliver high standards of care.  Care UK should ensure that high standards of care are always delivered.  No excuses, please!

Care UK should not need to learn from the pain and suffering of its residents. Care UK should ensure that its staff have learned sufficient lessons before it begins to care, before it opens care homes, before it accepts residents.  No excuses, please!

Care UK’s residents should not need to suffer pain in order for Care UK to monitor its procedures.  Care UK’s procedures should all be watertight before any Care UK care home is opened.  No excuses, please!

But then again, this is not an isolated incident.



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