We’re all in this together ….

It’s beginning to unravel itself, day by day.  At long last!!

When our ConDemOlition first tried to persuade us all that we are all in this together, it sound somewhat oddly reminiscent of the Orwellian phrase.  The spin made it resemble a positive way forward – for some.

But it’s all falling into place now – for those who never realised the underlying significance of the ConDem ‘modern and convenient’ understanding of ‘in-it-togetherness’.

Hook, line and sinker – they’ve all been in the trough together – so it’s time to haul them in, and to make them accept responsibility.  Supporting each other, concealing their indiscretions, providing the props of survival  is where they’ve all been for years now.  Now it’s our turn.

There’s more in this, altogether, than we have yet been allowed to see.

I’m beginning to see the light – as a few people once sang albeit with a different intent, perhaps.  It just takes a spark.



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