Shabby journalism masquerading as caring care in the Daily Mail?

This piece by Sophie Borland in the Daily Mail, bearing the title Tied to chairs, sedated or locked up, the ordeal faced by thousands with dementia is one of the most irresponsible articles I’ve read for a long while.  I’m not a natural Daily Mail reader, so it’s an occasional visit only that ever  I make.  I understand now more of the reasons behind my allergy to the Daily Mail.

It’s scaremongering sensationalism gone beyond acceptable limits, preying upon the expectation that the majority of readers may not have read the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in full or in part, let alone having tracked down the NHS statistics quoted and then taking the time to read each and every connected download.  Sophie Borland may not have researched, either, the way that DoLS are not all about being ‘tied to a chair’ or ‘being locked up’, with or without dementia.  I’m well aware of the fact that the DoLS procedures are not well understood by some  Local Authorities, by some care providers, and even by some Social Workers.  But the use of restraint is not, I think, the main focus of the majority of DoLS applications (granted or refused) where dementia is concerned.  Or am I being naive here?  I’m not normally that gullible, but perhaps the DM knows different.

Shame on you, Daily Mail, for your careless and carefree journalism, as I view it in my perhaps simplicity.



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2 responses to “Shabby journalism masquerading as caring care in the Daily Mail?

  1. Jen

    I completely agree with you that the daily mail piece is un-researched and mainly scaremongering, especially seeing as even using coat sides is classed as restraint. However I agree that staff and employees are unaware of the laws surrounding this and the amount of restraint actually used in this country is a lot higher then these figures suggest. I also think it is very wrong of the daily mail to publish an article titled ‘Tied to chairs, sedated or locked up, the ordeal faced by thousands with dementia’ when clearly these are acts of abuse not restraint and aren’t only an issue with patients with dementia.

  2. AM

    I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Sophie’s most recent effort. She thinks that the nation’s Doctors are the real problem with the NHS. Their decision to strike for the first time in forty years is at best lazy in her eyes. I think we should all take some time to take a look at the world with the same steely moral backbone and humanity.

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