A personal message to The Horse

This is a personal message from me to The Horse.

This particular Horse has no better purpose in their sad little life than to stalk  and to track me.

Morning, noon and night,  The Horse is positioned at the keyboard, trying to focus on the next fence, hoping that it will come towards and within their peripheral vision and then become the centre point of their breathtakingly boring existence.  Panting and puffing, The Horse must know that it’s a waste of their time.

The Horse is an Outsider, all at very long distance, that is, because this particular Horse lives thousands of miles away, but still would profess to know more about life in this once Great Britain of ours than we know ourselves.   The Horse was exported from these shores circa 30 years ago, but still knows more about day-to-day life here than most of us know ourselves!  That takes some doing.  Or it did before the advent of Google.

Now is the time for all good Googles to come to the aid of The Horse.

The Horse’s life is perhaps pointless and empty, so I should be flattered and encourged to know that I am at least giving meaning to a life .

I feel desperately sorry for The Horse –  if only because so desperate is The Horse that others have been enticed to sniff at the nosebag of The Horse, all by virtue of a message sent round from The Horse to the under-horselings.  Or are those others sniffing at The Horse’s droplets in a fashion similar to that of our grandparents as they strove to shovel up and spread  muck around the roses?

The Horse is welcome to any fragrant droplets that fall from my fingertips, here and in all the other places The Horse tracks me to.

Bye bye, Horse.  You have now been put out to grass, out to pasture, out into the wilderness of usefulness.

I hope you will miss me, Horse, as much as I won’t miss you.

All you need to do is to subscribe, Horse, and you will save yourself a huge amount of energy and long-distance broadband usage.  As for all the other places you track and trace, many have already become aware of your interest.  They thank you and your followers for boosting their viewing figures!

I should perhaps add that I am not the only one being stalked by this particular Horse.  For some unfathomable reason, The Horse feeds on dismantling every single word that is written by any one of the apples of this Horse’s eye.  Para by para, line by line, word by word …. that’s what The Horse feeds on.   Straight to The Horse’s mouth!!

I hope you have a good retirement, Horse, and that your under-horselings will soon rid themselves of your uncomfortable influence.

PS added, to comment on recent contacts from The Horse and from The Horse’s underlings who all seem to be jumping to order

To answer The Horse’s question, yes, I do think you should be concerned – you should be seriously concerned.   You have compromised your position for years now, much to the amazement and the disgust of others who have no choice but to put up with your astonishing heartlessness – so it is about time you looked long and hard at your motives.  It’s also about time those who pay for your services should also look at their own reasons for keeping you on their pay-roll, even though that pay-roll may be more perks than bucks.  The Horse knows all about bucks, but has forgotten how to care about The Heart.


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