A ray of sunshine in the world of dementia care

Every now and then there’s just that little chink of hope – with a big ray of sunshine forcing its way through.

The theatre company Spare Tyre is just about to start touring centres for people with dementia, with its interactive show Once upon a Time.

“The new programme takes an innovative and person-centred approach to working with people with dementia. It involves storytelling accompanied by layering touch, sound, taste, light, smell, to create a safe and beautiful environment and a moment of shared joy. Participants take an active part in the sessions, interacting by shining coloured lights, moving to music, and interacting with multimedia projections that respond to clapping and voice.”

This work has the ability to change the culture of how we work with people with dementia.” 

“The package   Spare Tyre artists will visit your centre 1 day a week for 3 consecutive weeks. Each day we will deliver a Once Upon a Time interactive storytelling session in the morning for 6 clients and in the afternoon for 6 clients. Our artists will fully brief your staff before the first session and provide a de-brief after each session. To find out about costs please contact Vicky on 020 7061 6454 or email vicky@sparetyre.org.”

5 October – 15 November 2011, UK wide 

More info here – Spare Tyre .

What fun!


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