R.I.P.  Democracy in the UK

R.I.P.  Caring about things other than money





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2 responses to “R.I.P. NHS

  1. Junkk Male

    R.I.P any hope of common sense or accountability in this land.

    Just saw the overpaid Chief Exec of Sandwell interviewed, and beyond the usual ‘unacceptable’ and ‘lessons learned’ tripe, this still employed head of the outfit claimed to be unsure why it was that some wards performed well and some were death camps.

    Anyone who has run more than a tombola could probably tell him it’s down to good folk and bad folk.

    The former get supported and the latter canned with no more than they arrived with. Or worse. Not the other way round in this evil civil service system that pervades and crushes this country daily.

    And if he and his extensive colleague network, besides, up and down, haven’t grasped that by now… all is explained and nothing excused.

    • careintheuk

      It may come as no surprise to you, Junkk Male, to hear that I agree with almost every single word you have written. I thought yesterday was a bad day but today’s news of NHS revelations-to-some-but-not-to-the-likes-of-thee-and-me just confirms the madness that has enveloped our uncaring country.

      Those who rule over us couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

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