Care UK & private equity & The Guardian

Every now and then you come across something that just takes your breath away.  Even though you may have been a Grauniad (sic!) reader since the age of 16, when you were first required to tell your English teacher which newspapers you had read each single day of the school  week.  Yes, I am old enough to know all about that – thanks to Miss Edwards!

This piece by Kirsty Scott in the Guardian has done just that.  It has rendered me breathless and speechless, almost.  Is this a journalist writing as only a journalist should be required to do – as a free spirit (*ish!!) remembering the need to earn a living and to pay the family bills, yet at the same time not selling her/his soul.  Not governed by anything other than the real free spirit of journalism.

Or is this someone acting as a paid promoter for Care UK?  Promoting private equity to boot!!!

I would dearly love to open the closed eyes of anyone who falls for this kind of promo.

Care UK killed my own relative within 10 days of arrival in a Care UK care home.

How did Care UK manage (for want of a better word) to do that?

Because Care UK had absolutely no systems in place to provide the kind of caring care that one 83 year old required – let alone the other residents, some of whom were younger and in far less need of care, and some were older in greater need of care.

I’m only talking about 3 years ago too, so don’t get the wrong impression of my anger at Kirsty Scott’s article.

Without permission, Kirsty Scott,  I bin your report.  I am not impressed.

As for the Guardian’s Social Care section  …. …. ……. it has been binned also.


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5 responses to “Care UK & private equity & The Guardian

  1. Dearie me, Scott’s report reads like a brochure. And what is that sentence at the end about the benefits of private equity? Southern Cross, anyone? Like you, I have blogged about Care UK in the past – and I cannot remember paying the company too many compliments. Shame on The Guardian, though it may be worth keeping an eye out for any advertising from Care UK that may appear in the newspaper over the next few weeks. All may become clear….

    • careintheuk

      You’ve summed it up nicely. Shame on Kirsty Scott, shame on The Guardian, shame on Care UK. And finally, shame on those who can’t see beneath the veneer of a privatised so-called care system in the UK.

      Nearly forgot, shame on Burstow and Lansley too.

  2. Hi,

    First of all, I’m very sorry for your loss. Losing a relative as a result of someone else’s failure to provide proper care is devastating (I know from experience – won’t bore you with the details but my grandmother died after a long and unnecessary stay in hospital after a simple everyday procedure went wrong).

    I’d really like to contact you privately – is there a way I can do this? If you’d like to send me your contact details, please send to (email address protected by deletion) ……. (don’t worry about the possibility of spammers picking this email address up – I own the domain and can delete the email address if it gets spammed!)

    Thanks and keep up the great work,


  3. careintheuk

    Thanks, Debs. It means a lot to know that you understand.

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