Panorama and Care in the UK

I wasn’t sure whether I could watch tonight’s Panorama programme – not wanting to see yet another TV programme about abuse and neglect in a care home, yet at the same time knowing that I had to watch because of my own experience of care in the UK.  If only because I too had a relative who was neglected in a care home.

Having watched the programme, I begin to understand why Care UK told me that the ‘records’ concerning the employment-status and suitability-status of 5 care workers from the Philippines working at Lennox House care home in London/Islington/Holloway had all been lost – because the laptop containing those records had been stolen.

Pull the other one!!!!  Care UK – pull the other one.  I’ve got another leg left because you’ve only stripped me of one leg so far.  You also stripped me of my life, Care UK.  You stole my life along with the other life that you stole, that of a very able 83 year old with dementia who was place into your care because you claimed to care.  But Care UK didn’t care enough to care.



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3 responses to “Panorama and Care in the UK

  1. me586

    My heart goes out to all those who have issues with care homes, having put trust in them, to find only grief. Not everyone is able to position a covert camera – yet this seems the only way to expose poor to horrendous ‘care’ dealt to defenceless, vulnerable people. My family is victim to this – There is no way out without firm evidence. The care home is believed without shadow of doubt. Vital Changes to the system is long overdue

  2. Lewis Hibert

    Caroline Stoner, Operations Director with Forest Health Care. Not the same Caroline Stoner who worked for Care UK?

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