The liars who pretend to care in the UK

Will the liars who pretend to care be able to hold their heads high?  Meaning that if – or even when – they have fatcat liars to tell lies on their behalf, what chance does the decently honest person have against the might of their lies?  Especially if the ‘system’ in place is geared to work against the decently honest persons telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The liars are not required to speak much.  They have a pre-written script to follow, worked out by their fatcat liars-on-behalf.  Half-liars both of them = one almighty fat liar.  Both full liars = 2 almighty fat liars.  Multiply that by 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, and you have a system that stinks.  But it’s the way that care in the UK has decided to go.  Down the drain.

Will they be able to sleep at night, or even by day?  Hopefully not.  Forever and a day and a night; forever and all days and all nights.  Hopefully not.

Will the person who tells the truth be able to sleep at night, or even by day?  Probably not, but only because they may be destroyed by the lies they are not allowed to challenge.  They are now voiceless against the lies, not sure of what they are dealing with, not sure of how on earth this could have come about.

But knowing still, that they have done all they could possibly  do to present the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  All single-handedly; all honestly; all openly; all transparently.

Does the truth no longer count?  Do lies count more in our sadly sickeningly careless world?

Who cares?  I do.


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4 responses to “The liars who pretend to care in the UK

  1. There are those who care. Good people, who are not doing nothing in face of a system that is broken.. at best. If anyone says ‘Ombudsmen’ to me these days, I laugh.

    • careintheuk

      I don’t doubt for one moment that there are some people who care. Nor do I care much for Ombudspersons. Or the CQC.

      But when the truth is required to be told, those who can’t tell the truth – even when in senior positions – should be hanged, drawn and quartered. That punishment is still on the statute book, I believe, but hasn’t been used of late.

      A broken care system is broken because far too many people don’t tell the truth. If they don’t tell the truth when required, they don’t deserve respect.

      Telling lies is not acceptable, no matter what state the care system is in. Especially when under oath.

  2. Penny

    Yes. I fully subcribe to the view that many individuals who work in Care are liars who pretend to care. The days of integrity, an imposed value system or professionalism, all of which are comprehensively monitored are long gone. Being a crook is des rigour nowadays, ensuring to leave no evidence of course. .

  3. Erlang Shen

    The biggest liars are the so called professionals who are appointed by the court of protection but then that is to be expected as they are usually consultants to the same local authorities who are being challenged. As for the judges as I was told by a barrister ‘if you are seeking justice in the court of protection forget it as it will never happen’. A few people stand up to fight for the truth and as a result get injunctions taken out against them to protect the liars.

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