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Nadine Dorries & her super-inflated ego

I haven’t been bothered to keep up with Nadine Dorries and her antics until now.  Partly because I don’t often watch that programme.

I’ve heard the rubbish that she has occasionally spouted, and I’ve read the rubbish she’s reported as having spouted.

All I can say is Get Her Out of Here.

She appears to me to be just another self-centred, fame-seeking, super-inflated egotistical mind-numbingly boring person who does not deserve to be supported by the Public Purse.


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Nuns on the run – are safe and well

Quick update on the two nuns on the run from residential care in France:

The Sisters are apparently safe and well, and living in comfort –  hiding in an apartment lent to them by a Christian charity. The fate of the nuns is now likely to be decided by a religious court after all sides hired lawyers specialising in canonical law.

“They belong to a religious order and not a cult ….. so they don’t need to obey groundless and unfair orders.”

Perhaps we could organise a groundswell of ‘Grey Power’ in the UK where groundless and unfair orders seem to be the lifeblood of so many residential care homes.

The Cult of Care in the UK

Carer 1:  “Good morning, dearie.  Up you get – it’s time for breakfast.”

Resident 1:  “But it’s still dark outside.”

Carer 1: “Yes, that’s because it’s only 6.30 in the morning.”

Resident 1: “Well, I don’t want to get up yet.”

Carer 1:  “But you’ve got no choice about it – it’s written in the big book of care home rules.  You’re not here to enjoy yourself, dearie.”

Later, over breakfast in the soulless dining room.

Carer 2 to Resident 2:  “Toast?”

Resident 2:  “Cheers!  Bottoms up!  Make mine a double.”

Carer 2:  “Don’t you get clever with me!  I was asking if you want some toast.”

Resident 2:  “No, thanks.  But I could murder a soft boiled egg and brown bread soldiers.”

Carer 2:  “Tough!  It’s cereal or toast.  Take it or leave it.”

Resident 2:  “I suppose I’d better have your rotten cereal then.”

Moments later:

Resident 1 to Resident 2:  “I’ve had enough of this.”

Resident 2:  “It’s a rubbish breakfast, innit!”

Resident 1:  “Do you fancy a nice big fry-up?”

Resident 2:  “Not ‘arf!  Do you think we could persuade them – just this once – if we’re very very good and promise to behave ourselves.”

Resident 1:  “Sod that for a lark!  I was thinking more of civil disobedience.  We’ll go walkabout – and not come back.”

Resident 3:  “Can anyone join?  It’s about time we showed ’em what we’re made of.”

Residents 1 and 2 in unison:  “The more the merrier.”

With that, they smiled sweetly at the carers who were just leaving the dining room.

Later, in the soul-free lounge:

Carer 3: “Right, you all have a little sleep now.  We don’t want you getting tired, do we, dearies.”

Residents 1 to 10: sudden burst of pretend snoring.  (Exit Carer 3)

Resident 1: “Right!  Off we go – I unlocked the back door when they weren’t looking, so it’s up and off!  There’s a real world out there just waiting for us.  And if anyone tries to stop us, we’ll have a sit-in in the garden.”

Resident 4:  “Is that what we used to call a love-in?”

Resident 2:  “I’ll need more than a double afterwards, but if you’re buying …. I’m up for it.”

Resident 1:  “Or down for it!”

(To be continued)

If only!

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Nuns on the run – the alternative to residential care

Two fugitive nuns in their 80s have gone on the run in France to escape being sent to a retirement home by their Mother Superior.

Sister Marie-Daniel, 86, and Sister Saint-Denis, 82, fled their nunnery two weeks ago after convent officials said they were being sent to a remote mountain retreat 250 miles away.

A third 89-year-old nun, Sister Maurice-Marie, has revealed she also wanted to flee but broke her leg four days before the two elderly sisters disappeared.

Keep on running, Girls!  Great choice!  You can’t blame them really!


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