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Carer ate food meant for patient with Alzheimer’s

Every now and then you read a report of abuse/neglect/lack of care that reminds you of the number of times someone has said or written to you, when dealing with your own particular care issues, “lessons have been learned” and “it will never happen again“.

This BBC report here is one of those needles – the kind of needle that goes right through you and makes you even more determined to open as many eyes as possible to the rubbish that goes under the name of ‘care’ in this rich UK of ours.  And if you’re listening/reading, David Cameron or Nick Clegg, Paul Burstow or Andrew Lansley, this should indicate to you that we are NOT all in this together.  You are never likely to experience the kind of treatment that some people in residential care have no choice but to accept.

If you can watch the video contained in the Report and not feel sick to the pit of your stomach, then you have no feelings.

Northern Ireland’s South-Eastern Health Trust has apologised after a care assistant admitted abusing a 70-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Apologies are no longer good enough.

Lessons are never learned.

It happens again and again and again.


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