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Another personal message to The Horse

It’s strange to see you keep returning to my Blog. You have not the slightest interest in the content, in me or in the background to my Blog. I can only imagine what you’re hoping to find.  When you first started stalking me here, you wondered whether you should be concerned.  They were your words – not mine.

I’m not the only person you’re stalking.  You are becoming a bully.  A bully with a need to control every single thing in its path, from the individual words people choose to use to the wider way they choose to express themselves.  You work hard to entice ponies resembling sheep into your stable, so your stud is now somewhat mixed, sad and confused.  You are rude, patronising and arrogant.  You are brutal.  You are a dictator.  That is dangerous.

Treatment is available for mental health problems.  Perhaps you are in the wrong place; the place you spend your every waking hour is adding to your problems.  You can’t even see that people are laughing at you now; they are not laughing with you.

Stalking is a specific criminal offence in the UK.

“Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, who leads on stalking and harassment for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), said the law change would make it easier for victims to go to the police.”  “Stalking was previously dealt with under harassment laws introduced in 1997. He said the field had changed, including the emergence of cyber-stalking, and it was right the law was adapted to ‘plug any gaps’.”  Read more here. 

You should take great care to retreat into the background, rather than keeping your own ego puffed up by belittling people.  You have the power of position that allows you to be as sarcastic and rude to people as you wish.  Your position allows you to humiliate people.  They have no chance of returning your criticism, not even in a more polite way than your own method.

You think you are beyond reproach, because you hold the whip in your hand.

You are the self-appointed judge, jury, prison officer, executioner.

You hold the keys to the cells and you use them whenever it is in your own best interests.

How sad is that?

Shame on you.  Yes, you should be concerned.

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