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Care UK’s former chairman joins Osborne spending panel

No surprises here:

George Osborne has recruited four City figures to join a “red team” of experts to puncture the Treasury consensus on the spending review, as he seeks inspiration for cuts that are causing mounting friction in Whitehall.

The chancellor has asked the bankers and financiers to act as the main figures from outside government on his “independent challenge group”, which has a remit to question the unquestionable in the Treasury’s austerity drive.

The four are Adrian Beecroft, one of the founders of Apax Partners, the private equity group; Douglas Flint, finance director of HSBC; Richard Sharp, the former head of the Goldman Sachs European private equity arm; and John Nash, a founder of the Sovereign Capital buy-out group and  chairman of Care UK, the nursing home group.

Mr Beecroft, Mr Sharp and Mr Nash are Tory donors, and some of them have been on good terms with Mr Osborne for some time.

I’m not too sure about their ‘red’ credentials though.   Correction: Nash was until recently chairman of Care UK; he stood down in March this year, very recently.

The FT forgot to mention the mounting disgust in territory outside of Whitehall.  That pre-nuptial agreement between Clegg and Cameron may need to be dusted off soon – due to mounting friction elsewhere too.

The Cameron Clegg Coalition.  The CCC isn’t working the way it could have worked.

Cameron, Clegg and Co plumb the depths, as Andrew Lansley rests on holiday, but soon to return – Lansley is being blamed in No 10 for failing to spot the political consequences of scrapping milk for the under-5s.

Seventeen Lib Dem MPs are fairly fragile – apparently – and that’s one third of your Parliamentary Party, Nick Clegg.

The mood of the public is …. moodily swinging against the Coalition.  At the risk of repeating myself: no surprises there!

What a bunch!  Are they all aliens from another planet, with no feeling for us, mere earthlings that we be?  A new broom sweeps clean, but this broom will soon begin to shed bristles.   The lost souls of the electorate will all need  a strategically positioned upward-pointing besom broom to ward off witches and to protect from evil spirits.


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Coalition plans for the NHS

A few comments on the Lib-Dem-Con plans for the NHS~:

from Liberal Conspiracy concerned about the dismantling of the NHS – me too!

from askcliff concerned about Andrew Lansley’s possible hidden agenda – no, Cliff Hagen, I don’t think you are scaremongering;

and, yes, How very odd, Mr Lansley – from Tax Research UK.

David Cameron is apparently terrified, as a parent, by the lack of good state schools, especially in Westminster –  well, David, why not try the Pimlico Academy – courtesy of John and Caroline Nash, of course, c/o Care UK again.  Wait a minute?  Wasn’t Westminster the scene of Shirley Porter’s creations of a suit of clothes to suit the Tories?  Yes, course it was!!!  That turned out to resemble the Emperor’s New Clothes …. unfit for viewing by the uninvited, but eventually all was revealed.  What a thought!!!

Nick Clegg, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m disappointed.

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Andrew Lansley will be the new Secretary of State for Health

No surprise to learn from Healthcare Republic that Andrew Lansley will be the Secretary of State for Health in the new Con-Lib-Dem coalition government:

And as Pulse also reports, he’s had  to weather a number of potential storms during his time in opposition, after being forced to defend himself against accusations of ‘flipping’ homes during the expenses scandal, and being embarrassed by revelations that his office accepted a large cash donation from the wife of John Nash, chairman of private healthcare provider Care UK.

Building bridges may never have been one of Lansley’s talents, but after the recent criticism of the Tories’ dirty tactics and their refusal to attend crucial meetings about the future of adult care – he may have to become more than a brickie.

I fear for the future of anyone needing longterm care.

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