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Care home residents died from ‘severe neglect’

Will it never end? Will lessons never be learned?  Will we never be able to guarantee quality care in care homes?

Please tell me what more we have to do?

Guardian.co.uk carries this horrific story of neglect.

“Five elderly residents of a failing care home who died within two weeks of each other had suffered “severe neglect”, an official inquiry has concluded.

The residents of Parkside House nursing home in Northampton died between 22 July and 6 August, 2009. They were aged between 83 and 100.

A serious case review into the deaths, published today, described standards of care at Parkside as appalling. It said signs of a rapid decline in standards at the home in the weeks before the first resident died had not been picked up.

At a press conference, it was disclosed that there was a lack of basic care, including ensuring residents had enough to eat and drink.

Verdicts of natural causes were recorded in all five deaths, but the review found they died from causes that “were considered to be consistent with the effects of severe neglect”.

Seven members of staff and the owner of the home were referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).”

The home had been inspected in November 2008.

The review said Parkside House’s CQC registration was for people suffering from dementia and long-standing mental illness. “However by July 2009 it is clear that they were actually looking after people with those needs plus considerable physical and nutritional needs that they simply could not manage.”

What is the point of inspections if they fail to connect?  If only the CQC would talk to and listen to the relatives of people with dementia – many of whom are at the end of their tether trying to achieve an acceptable standard of care for their loved ones with dementia – tragedies of this kind would no longer be happening.  But the CQC, and its predecessor, and local authorities and social services – to name but a few – seem to bend over backwards to ignore the pleas that come from family, but bend over backwards to preserve and protect the inefficient care industry.

BBC News has just picked up the same story.

At the risk of sounding trite, if these atrocities were happening to animals, there would be a public riot.

Mr Cameron, are we all in this together too?  Or is it just vulnerable elderly people with dementia who are in it?

Mr Cameron, you said today at your Conference “Fairness means giving people what they deserve“. 

Mr Cameron, be fair, then, and give elderly people in residential care the good care they deserve.  Otherwise your words are meaningless,.

The systems of protection need to change overnight.

Systems of protection need to be created.


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