A caring care home with a pub in the garden

A care home that listens to the residents and fulfils their desires.

“A “pub” has been set up in the grounds of a care home in Shrewsbury after residents were asked for suggestions for the garden.

Coton Hill House expected requests for flowers or benches but pensioners instead called for somewhere they could enjoy their favourite tipple.

The opening of Ye Ole Coton Arms summerhouse was celebrated with a barbecue and free bar.

It will stay open for the rest of the summer.”

Thanks to BBC News for this uplifting story.  I sincerely hope that summer lasts a very long time this year, extends to the Christmas period and well into the New Year.

“”It is free of charge to all residents, and, as expected, is proving to be very
popular with them.”

Congratulations to Coverage Care Services Limited.

May the residents go from strength to strength, and may their elbows enjoy the exercise.

I’ll be raising a glass to Alison Gough and all at Coton Hill House.

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