Miscellaneous Research links

A miscellany of links, not all directly connected with care, but all relevant in one way or another.   They are mostly references, old and new, that have helped me to work my way through the mess in the world of care that is now so desperately in need of care itself.

[Not complete yet – but I’ll add to the list as I go.  Patients are those most in need of quality care – patience is that quality required of those who care about care.]


The start of the NHS – Geoffrey Rivett’s short account of the NHS

1946  National Health Service Bill –  Hansard – 30 April 1946

1948 National Assistance Act –

1959 Mental Health Act – the beginnings of care in the community

More recent

What’s good about the NHS – and why it matters who provides the service – Unison doc dated April 2002

Serious Case Reviews in Adult Safeguarding – Kings College, London –  Social Care Workforce Research Unit – 2009 Report by Jill Manthorpe & Stephen Martineau

ADASS – Safeguarding Adults – mostly 2010, and mostly for personal research purposes, but may be of interest to others

Compassion in Care

Firm loses health centre contract

New deal signed with orthopaedic centre in Derbyshire

Contract award UK-Dudley health services

CQC Investigation into the mental health care service for older people provided by Devon Partnership NHS Trust –  a long and very disturbing report – but much of the content sounds so very familiar to … me!

Regulator calls on Devon Partnership NHS Trust to ensure mental health services for older people are up to standard – see above for the full report.

A Mental Health Act Practice Handbook – for Approved Mental Health Professionals – January 2009

Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS – White paper July 2010 coalition’s plans to destroy the NHS – Quote: free at the point of use and available to everyone based on need, not ability to pay

MPs who care

John Mann – cares about care homes

Barbara Keeley – Barbara introduces Bill to Parliament to improve support for Carers

For further research

Children in care at risk due to delayed report –  more evidence of the length of time it takes for ‘anyone’ to deal with a serious care issue

Age UK’s anger at The Briars care home neglect case in Southampton – just in case I need it!

Crown Prosecution Service – just for reference !

People lack dementia care information and support – no surprises there!!  What kept you?

The new UK Coalition Government’s health care policy – who will gain? – as if we didn’t know already!!

£350000 pounds of tuppeny rice for Care UK, half a pound of treacle for the vulnerable elderly in need of care – this is where the money goes – who surprised the weasel????

Cognitive stimulation therapy for dementia – an introduction

DoLS – Report from Mental Health Alliance dated May 2010 published July 2010

LGA – Local Government Association report on the role of councils in meeting the housing challenge of an ageing population

DOH – Prioritising need in the context of Putting People First: A whole system approach to eligibility for social care – Guidance on Eligibility Criteria for Adult Social Care, England 2010

Guardian article – Face up to social care funding crisis – 21 July 2010

Commission on the Funding of Care and Support – Terms of reference 20 July 2010

Inside Housing reports – initiative on dementia advice – Dementia Voice – November 2009

Housing 21 – Dementia Voice – “a dementia centre of excellence whose work challenges traditional thinking about the way dementia services are designed and delivered”.

CHUMS Care Home Use of Medicines Study –  sad, stunning, shocking reading.  Research from 2006-7, but relevant still.

2010 CQC – Complying with the new Regulations

2010 CQC – How we check that providers are meeting essential standards

9.11. 2010 BBC – Failing care homes may slip net

7.03.2011 = BUPA: Who Cares? Funding Adult Social Care over the next decade

September 2008 = Calculating a fair market price for care – A toolkit for residential & nursing homes –

28.04.1996 = Unravelling the tangles of dementia – Independent article –

16.10.2008 – Lives put at risk by poor hospital discharge procedures, GPs say


Pharma Times online

Islington Tribune

Universal Credit: Welfare that works – November 2010 – IDS’ plan for welfare reform

March 2011 – CQC Report The operation of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in England, 2009/10

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